5 Dependable Yet Trendy Cars That Your Teenager Is Willing to Drive

“All parents look forward to the day when their teenager is ready to drive themselves about – this milestone is a good thing but all good things come at a price don’t they? The worry of your teenager arriving home safely every time they drive away, listening for the engine in the driveway, hoping that their car will be reliable enough to bring them safely home and not to mention the added expenditure of financing yet another car on the road.

Becoming a car owner and car driver is a big lesson in responsibility – choosing the right car may be littered with obstacles. After all, your idea of the right car for your teenager may differ somewhat to theirs. It’s always worth calling a dealership like Rancho Cucamonga Infiniti for other options but . . . .
Here are a few cars that should meet all your teenager’s requirements:

1. Honda Insight – more teens are killed on the roads in America then by any other way which is just one of the reasons why parents treat the occasion with a definite mixture of emotions. That’s why this trendy little car is such a refreshing change, actively encouraging the driver to stay safe and take it easy. This little car is nice to drive and is designed to coach teenage drivers (or any other driver) to improve the fuel economy of their driving with a dash like a video game providing plenty of feedback about going easy on the brakes and gas. It’s also easy to park which is a big bonus.


2. Hyundai Veloster – combines the looks of a sports car to satisfy even the most fashion conscious teenager, with a 1.6 liter engine designed for comfort and fuel economy instead of sports car speeds. It looks cool on both the inside and the outside, even including a stereo which is compatible with an iPod with a standard Bluetooth speakerphone ensuring that your teenager keeps their eyes firmly on the road whilst driving.


3. Kia Soul – is ultra cool with its boxy design and low price tag, a real favorite among teenagers. The latest model has a 1.6 liter engine to provide fantastic fuel economy with automatic transmission and electronic stability controls helping it to bag a top safety award. This pocket sized motor can keep your teenager happy and safe on the roads.
4. Mazda 2 – this versatile little hatchback is a real favorite teenagers and parents alike providing a cheap option which is also great fun to drive. It’s small, it’s stylishly simple and it is affordable yet has plenty of acceleration with terrific fuel economy. All of the controls are right there in front of the driver’s nose ensuring that they keep their eyes firmly ahead at all times instead of tuning in the stereo.


5. Smart Fortwo – this two seater pocket rocket might not seem like the best option for a sociable teenager at first glance, but research has shown that the chances of teenagers having a car accident increases proportionately with the number of passengers in the car – so a two seater makes good sense from that point of view. This smart little car has other benefits including great fuel economy, ease of driving and an affordable price – your teenager would probably be even more impressed with the optional convertible model. This little car definitely gets full marks for the cute factor.

The freedom of driving themselves around gives teenagers independence and a sense of responsibility, which is vital for them to grow into adults. You shouldn’t have to worry too much about them if you check out infinitiom.com for some vehicle ideas.”

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