Modifying Diesel Engine To Get Splendid Results

If you are keen to modify a diesel engine then you should clearly understand the different aspects of it. The same techniques and methods applicable for a gasoline engine can be used here. The obvious exception being the ignition system as the diesel engine does not have a spark plug. The various basics apply here as well.

This includes increasing engine displacement, rising engine speed, enhancing and improving air intake, as well as increasing volumetric efficiency. Let us examine this topic in detail. You need to consider many things while making efforts to modify the diesel engine. The diesel tuning has developed as a very powerful way to accomplish the desired results.

The components of diesel engine get exposed to much higher temperatures and pressures as compared to the components of gasoline engines. Due to this, the diesel engines should be more robust along with stronger pistons and thicker cylinder walls. If you are keen to increase the diesel engine displacement by boring out cylinders then you must make sure that the cooling system is improved. This is as simple as that.

The diesel is known to burn at a very slower rate as compared to gasoline. Due to this the diesel engine would perform at a very lower RPM. This phenomenon is natural and you need to understand it carefully. Making a diesel engine to perform at some higher speed would need to increase the temperatures found in combustion chamber. This will need thicker cylinder wall as well as a superior cool system. The improvements within cooling system can prove very tedious due to the diminishing returns.

Rising the temperatures within combustion chamber would increase heat found in intake manifold. As a result the air density would reduce. Due to this we would get more diminishing returns. But the maximum power would still be attained at comparatively low RPMs. This is due to the slow rate of diesel burning and it would drop off considerably at the higher RPMs.

Increasing the quantity of air that is ingested by engine would need a proportionate rise in the quantity of fuel that is injected into engine. Due to this the bigger injectors along with the higher fuel pressure would be needed. Or you can also go for a remapped engine control unit or ECU. This way we find that diesel tuning surely helps to enhance the performance of your vehicle in a splendid way.

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