No Way Were We Letting Our Daughter’s Date Drive on Prom Night

Proms are a strange animal. I see kids acting like it is like a wedding just to go to a dinner and dance. Did you know that there is even a term that has been coined called a “promposal”? It is when the boy asks the girl to the prom. The word is obviously taken from “proposal,” and the wedding connection is even more solidified. They wear gowns and tuxes, and there are flowers too. Limousines are also another popular thing for proms. However, I’d rather see them do a Platinum party bus rental in Toronto rather than having a bunch of teens just reaching adulthood driving on the road after prom parties.

It is better when a couple rents a stretch limo or a group rents a party bus. Not every teen is going to not be doing the stuff they are not supposed to be doing. I’d rather they are not driving if they do make bad choices. Plus, just the excitement and adrenaline of the situation of being out with friends for an evening of celebration of forever freedom from high school could lead to just distracted riving. At least if parents help with a Platinum party bus rental in Toronto, they will have a professional driver at the wheel instead of some teen kid they do not know well.

I told my daughter’s date flat out that if he was not renting a limo, she was not going. We helped them with the rental by going in half with his parents. No way was he going to be driving her back home late in the evening with kids from a bunch of schools celebrating prom night. We insisted on a professional driver or there was not going to be any date. Their only alternative was for me to drive them in my pickup truck. You know they were not going to go for that. The limo was booked the next day.

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