Simplify Your Life and Eliminate Stress


The world today is about spending and having a lot of “”stuff””. With all this “”stuff”” comes a lot of stress however as you run up debt paying for it or feel constant pressure to have more and more so you can feel like you are better than those around you. Your self-worth isn’t determined by the size of your house, a fancy car or how much you paid for your yoga pants. By getting rid of the clutter, you can make your life easier and less stressful. In the end, you will be much happier for it.

1. Give up Name Brands

There are some things where name brands are essential, but many times there are brands that aren’t nearly as expensive which have just as high quality which also happen to be generic or not have a name that is well known. There really isn’t a need to pay more for items where the only purpose of getting a name brand is so that you can have bragging rights. This doesn’t mean to eliminate all name brand items in your life, but just to not obsess or focus so much on having them.

2. Stop Worrying About Spending More Than Everyone Else

Many people are always looking to spend more and have nice things than everyone else. This isn’t always smart or necessary. If there isn’t a need for you to have something like a luxury car, then don’t get one. You can get a car that is just as satisfying for much less like the Fiat Abarth from fiat costa mesaOC Fiat.

3. Take Time to Unplug


Many families end up spending most of their evenings together on their phones texting friends or on computers using social media or streaming video. Taking a night or two a week and having everyone give up their electronics and do something together can be very rewarding and entertaining. Find something that your family likes to do together and do it – without the gadgets.

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