The Dodge Challenger Is One Awesome Ride

My buddies and I are what you would call car enthusiasts. We spend more time looking at different makes and models of vehicles than we do practically anything else. You might even call it an addiction, but at least it is a healthy one.

Last week we all got together and planned a trip to There was just one thing on our minds. We wanted to get an up close an personal look at the New Dodge Challenger. We all had fallen in love with the car the moment it was announced. When we finally got to the dealership, and got our first hand impressions, we were blown away by the car.

There are not many cars that we all agree on. There are instances when our little group is divided into small groups. Each small group ends up defending what they think is the best vehicle. This time things were a little bit different. Every single one of us completely loved everything that the new Dodge Challenger had to offer.

The funny thing is this. None of us even got the opportunity to give the Dodge Challenger a test drive. This one Dodge Challenger that was on the lot was already reserved for another fan. They had already purchased the vehicle, and they had not even been to the dealership to see it yet. That’s how popular the Dodge Challenger is.

We spoke to a representative at the dealership. He could easily see the enthusiasm of the group. He told us that he would be able to give us a call when the next shipment arrived. He even went into the computer system to try to locate the next shipment. He said he would give us a little bit of insider advice. He said that we can expect to see two Dodge challengers at Dewey Dodge Chrysler proudly serving Iowa the following Monday. You know where we will be next Monday.

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