Tips on Getting Discount on the Van Insurance


The best thing about having a van is that this vehicle is able to do dual-functions: for family vehicle and business. If we are thinking about buying van, then one thing we have to remember is looking for the insurance because it is impossible for us to drive the van without insurance. Some states are even making a regulation that all cars should be completed with insurance before they hit the road. then we are dealing with a huge amount of money here. It is no longer a secret that car premium can be very expensive. Is it possible for us to get a reduction on our Van Insurance?

The first tip to get the reduction is no claim bonus. The discount for no claim bonus can be quite high from 20 to 60%. The number is definitely representing a huge amount of reduction. It means that we can proof that we are not having claim on our previous car insurance, we can get the huge reduction. The second tip goes for us who are having short track. We can use limitation policy. If our business only uses the van locally or the van is only used to pick up the children at school, then this policy can be very beneficial for us. The general limitation is 50 miles radius, but it is not a fixed number. The third tip is using a restricted driving policy. This program is able to serve us huge discount by restricting the driver number per policy. Usually the driving is restricted to the name of the owner only. Well, it can be a good choice if the van is used for family need and we are the only one who drives the van.

Last, but not least is voluntary excess. If we are having extra excess on our policy, then we have a chance to save a lot of money. However, we have to be very careful because it will cost us if we are making a claim. Most of the Car Insurance policies are having specific compulsory excess, but it can be negotiated.

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