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So, after lovingly protecting your precious 1951 Jaguar XK 120 roadster under the lambswool-lined tarp that took you forever to locate online–and after it’s decades long occupation of a space measuring over ½ of your heated garage, things are going to change. After you spend 15 years getting all the right parts, disassembling and reassembling every detail of this automotive wonder–your baby, you find yourself facing certain life circumstances which necessitate that you sell it.

Visions of Driving Among Desert Sugarplums?

So now, where to file all those visions you had, of seamlessly gliding along the roads of the Badlands in your Jag–with Hank Williams blasting matching sentiment from your speakers. Gliding through eternal prairies, unsettling and sudden dips,dropping you down into the sunken city. The now-eroded Badlands suddenly manifest, damaging the terrain of the desert with frequent coulees, hoodoos and mud buttes. A truly humbling experience, the effects of glacial persistence, erosion caused by water, wind and sand produced this marvelous artistry that began long ago with the dinosaurs, now fossilized in the surrounding topography. Yes–this is only one of all the daydreams you entertained as you were toiling away on this labor of love.

To Everything There is a Season…

And now, she is pregnant with baby #4, your second born needs college money, you need cash to help out with placing your mother into an assisted care facility–or perhaps your two little younger princesses have guilted you into agreeing to take the entire family; Mom, Dad, Grandpa, two brothers and three sisters to Disneyworld. Things routinely happen–expenses can occur at the drop of a hat. So now you find yourself desperately striving to come up with all the reasons that you are bothered by that Jaguar consuming so much garage space. But when ya gotta go, ya gotta go! The good news is that, once you allow yourself to release your emotional attachment to your Jag–you will be freeing yourself up to find a fun “next car,” like the very popular Nissan Juke!

One-Stop, Affordable Selling Power

Certainly, the online classifieds is the number one spot to advertise your Jaguar (or any beloved car) which you are hoping to sell. You get the largest number of viewings, the most genuine responses, and with these numbers, you incidentally benefit from being more enabled to hold firm till you get your asking price.

Some Other Great Cars to Sell Online

Car shoppers are always impressed when they see a Mercedes Benz for sale anywhere, and the Mercedes Benz C-Class is one of the more popular cars that people are looking for today. Today, car shoppers are looking  for deals on Nissans, Hondas. Toyotas, Fords, different hybrids, Nissan GT-Rs, Lexuses, and the ever in-demand pickup trucks, whether full sized or an extended cab. And, of course, Jaguars of any year, make and model will always be quite big. (Wink)

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