Use 3 Way Catalytic Converter To Reduce The Harmful Pollutants

The catalytic converter is the control device which is used to convert the pollutants into the exhaust gas by redox reactions. It is used in IC engines which are fueled by petrol or diesel. The catalytic converters are applied in automobiles, electrical generators, mining equipment, buses, motorcycles, forklifts, locomotive and airplanes. It can also be used to control the emissions in the wood stove. The catalytic converters reduce the pollution that is produced from various vehicles. The work of catalytic converters is to convert harmful pollutants into harmless pollutants. The three way catalytic converter is a device used in the exhaust system of petrol vehicles. The exhaust gas from the engine contains nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons. These substances will produce the hazard to the environment. The 3 way catalytic converter converts the harmful substance into harmless substances such as carbon-di-oxide, nitrogen and water.

Working of 3 way catalytic converter:

The converter uses two catalysts for converting the harmful gas into harmless gas. The catalyst are reduction and oxidation. The reduction catalyst is built by platinum and rhodium. The oxidation catalyst is built by palladium and platinum. These catalysts have the ceramic structure like honeycomb. The exhaust gas is sent over a reduction catalyst. It will convert nitrogen oxide to nitrogen and oxygen. When the exhaust gas passes through a reduction catalyst, then it will produce the nitrogen and oxygen from nitrogen oxide. The free nitrogen oxide pass through the oxidation catalyst and it will convert the carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons into water and carbon dioxide. The gas, which comes from the chamber are nitrogen, carbon dioxide and water. The name 3 way catalytic converter is because it is capable of removing the nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon. It is designed for propane, natural gas and gasoline fueled engines. It can be installed easily and its working is reliable.

The 3 way catalytic converter is available is three formats such as plain style, clamped on and as a purifier muffler. The catalytic offers various features. The coating of catalytic provides high efficiency. They are platinum and rhodium coated which is distributed carefully. The wash coat is dispersed on metallic alloy. The converter is constructed with corrosion resistant and it can tolerate the high temperature. It is made up of stainless steel which provides the stability to metallic core. The thermal shock and vibration can be minimized by the catalytic converter. It contains the diverters which can easily flow the exhaust gases. They are made of ultra thin core metal wall which can impose the exhaust gas during the working of the converter. When there is high load or speed, the efficiency of the engine is not affected. The maintenance of the 3 way catalytic converter is easy. In the catalyst, the 90% of the harmful gas is converted into harmless gas. They work at higher temperature. The control system in the catalytic converter will monitor the exhaust gases and indicates how much gas is exhausted.

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